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Monday, July 22, 2024

Zero Downtime Migration (Continuous Replication)

Watch this video to learn more on CopyRight2's continuous replication feature to eliminate downtime usually associated with file server and NAS migrations.

Zero Downtime Migration (Continuous Replication)

This video shows how to use CopyRight2's continuous replication feature to eliminate downtime usually associated with file server migrations. It achieves this goal by using real time synchronization to keep the source and target server in-sync.

The real time synchronization feature requires the software to run on the source, in order to monitor the local system for changes and replicate them to the target.

The software displays the number of pending changes and as long as the queue length is zero, the source and target are in sync and a cut-over could take place. This eliminates the migration's downtime almost completely and you can literally migrate a file server during lunch break, as some of our customers have done successfully.

As you can see in the video, you can even stop CopyRight2 from running, and resume the synchronization at a later time.



The source "WIN2K8R2FS" is running Windows® 2008 R2 and the target "WIN2K12R2FS" Windows® 2012 R2. The source server is a member in the "" domain and the target server is a member of the "DomainB.Com" domain. The software is installed and run on the source system. If newer Windows® versions were used, or if running it on the target, or if source and target were in the same domain or even configured for workgroup mode the same settings could be used.

In this example, the real-time synchronization feature will migrate files, folders, NTFS permissions, network shares, share level permissions, local users and groups, global users and groups, user passwords and Active Directory OUs between the two member servers and the source and target domain.


Job Type
Data Migration

Name and Description Page
Name: Realtime Sync

Source and Destination Page

Source Destination
\\WIN2K8R2FS\C$\Groupshares \\WIN2K12R2FS\C$\Groupshares
\\WIN2K8R2FS\C$\Homeshares \\WIN2K12R2FS\C$\Homeshares

Synchronization: Add/Update/Delete

User and Group Filter Page
Users: Enabled (Add/Update)
Local groups: Enabled (Add/Update)
Global groups: Enabled (Add/Update)

User and Group Options Page
Local group memberships: Enabled (Add/Remove)
Migrate user passwords: Enabled
Global group memberships: Enabled (Add/Remove)
Local group members: Enabled (Add/Remove)
Global group members: Enabled (Add/Remove)

Active Directory Options Page
Migrate OU & container structure: LDAP://DC=domainb,DC=com

File Shares Page
Include file shares located at specified folder(s) and below: Enabled (Add/Update)

Advanced Page
Continuous replication: Enabled


This feature requires that the source system is a Windows file server. It supports Windows or a NAS system as a target. It supports Windows cluster services as a source or target as well.
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