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Friday, June 14, 2024

Azure Storage Account Migration Add-On

CopyRight2 enables you to easily migrate on-premise file servers & NAS storage solutions to Azure Storage Accounts including share provisioning.

Azure Storage Account Migration Add-On

The Azure storage account migration add-on adds functionality to CopyRight2 to migrate from Windows file servers or NAS systems to Azure storage accounts. The add-on is included with the CopyRight2 license.

Additional Data Migration Job Page

Azure Storage Account Migration

Installing the add-on will add an additional page to the data migration job definition window to define Azure configuration settings, like the domain name and how to authenticate to the storage account. Define the target system as an Azure storage account, enable the migration of file shares and add the file shares to migrate to your copy job.

New Azure Storage Account Migration Job Type

The "Azure Storage Account Migration" job type, added by installing the add-on, allows the migration of file shares including share level permissions to Azure storage accounts apart from the data migration.

Sanitize Share Names

The add-on assists you sanitizing file share names to comply with Azure's storage account naming convention (e.g. no '$' character).

Migrate Local Accounts to the Domain

Azure storage accounts do not support local accounts. Use a "User and Group Migration" job to migrate server (or NAS) local user and group accounts to your Active Directory.
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