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Friday, June 14, 2024

Download | CopyRight2

Download the newest build of CopyRight2 and available add-ons, such as the Password, the IIS FTP/HTTP Site or the Azure Storage Account Migration add-on.

Download Information

Here you can find the fully functional 30 day trial version of CopyRight2. You can either download the 32 bit version, supporting all platforms or the 64-bit version for the x64 platform. Add-ons are a part of the product and only separated for technical reasons.

Support (free of charge) is included during your initial trial period of 30 days. You will receive the same qualified support from our support staff and consultants that all our customers receive.

Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel for up-to-date tutorials about the most common migration scenarios.

In case of any questions or suggestions please contact us at or by telephone. We are looking forward to hear from you!

If you want to transfer passwords during user migrations you will have to additionally install the “CopyRight2 Password Add-on” after the installation of CopyRight2. Please install the version for the same bitness (32/64 bit) for the add-on and the main program. When using the password migration feature it does not matter whether you transfer passwords within a platform, for example from x64 to x64 or between different platforms, for example from x86 to x64.

If you want to migrate Microsoft IIS FTP or HTTP sites, please download the corresponding version of the "IIS Site Migration Addon" below.

The "Azure Addon" allows you to migrate data (including NTFS permissions) and file shares (including share level permissions) to Azure storage accounts.

The "DFSR Addon" adds functionality to automatically setup DFS replication. The "DFSR Addon" is only available for the x64 platform.

The "PowerShell Integration Addon" adds the ability to integrate PowerShell commandlets into scripting host scripts used to transform objects.

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