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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Cloud Migration

CopyRight2 enables you to easily and reliably perform your on-premise or cloud migration of file servers & NAS storage solutions. Free trial available.

Cloud Migration

CopyRight2 supports systems hosted in the cloud, such as Microsoft Windows® Server, NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP, NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA and other Linux Samba based operating systems.

Our Azure Migration Add-On enables you to migrate your on-premise file servers or network attached storage solutions (NAS) to an Azure Storage Account environment. Additionally the IIS FTP/HTTP Site Migration Add-On supports Microsoft Internet Server running in the cloud as well.

You can migrate from on-premise to the cloud provider of your choice, between cloud providers or back to on-premise as required. CopyRight2 supports cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, the Google Cloud Platform and more.

Cloud Computing

Azure Storage Account Migration

The Azure Migration Add-On adds features to CopyRight2 simplifying Azure Storage Account migrations. It is part of the product license and available for download from the CopyRight2 download page.

File Share Migration

The Azure Migration Add-On can migrate file shares and share level permissions from your source system (Windows or NAS) to an existing Storage Account. It assists you sanitizing share names to comply with Azure's Storage Account naming convention (e.g. no '$' character).

Copy Local Accounts to Domain

Azure Storage Accounts do not support (server or NAS) local group or user accounts. If you are still using the AGLP role based access control model on your source system, you can use CopyRight2 to migrate those accounts to your Active Directory domain (AGDLP RBAC model).

Migrate Share-By-Share With DFS

Minimize user impact and utilize Microsoft's Distributed File System (DFS) to migrate share-by-share from your old storage system to your Azure Storage Account(s). CopyRight2 automatically updates DFS entries to point to the new location once a share was moved to the target.

Delta Copy Method

Perform an initial pre-copy, while users are still working to reduce the time frame needed for the final copy. The final copy will be performed right before cutting over to the new system to migrate the delta only, skipping any files and folders that were not changed.

Continuous Replication

Eliminate the time frame needed for the final copy by using continuous replication. Pause & resume the replication at any time. When resuming, it does not traverse the entire directory tree to detect which files have been added, changed or were deleted. While the change queue counter shows zero, source and target are identical and the cut-over can be performed.

Azure Storage Account Migration Tutorial

Active Directory Migration Video Thumb

Migrations Between Windows® & NAS Systems

Windows® Server

Migrations of Windows servers (on-premise or cloud) to a new storage system (on-premise or cloud) are not differing from a "normal" migration. You can utilize enhanced CopyRight2 features such as the real-time synchronization, Microsoft's Distributed File System (DFS) and if migrating to a Windows Server, CopyRight2's block transfer protocol.

Network Attached Storage

The same mostly applies to migrations of on-premise or cloud NAS solutions to a new on-premise or cloud storage system. You can utilize enhanced features of CopyRight2 such as Microsoft's Distributed File System to perform share-by-share migrations.

No Downtime for Mission Critical Data

Use the real-time synchronization feature to eliminate user downtime traditionally associated with data migrations during the cut-over phase. You can either leave the software running, to continuously replicate critical data or even halt it and resume the synchronization at a later time without having to traverse the directory tree again.

Migrate Share-By-Share With DFS

Use Microsoft's distributed file system (DFS) to migrate even the biggest file servers or storage systems share-by-share, while transparently maintaining access to the original UNC namespace.
Either use your existing DFS installation or utilize a "DFS Share Consolidation" job to populate a new DFS server with your existing network file shares automatically.
CopyRight2 supports domain-based and stand-alone DFS configurations. For higher availability you can install a stand-alone configured DFS as a clustered resource.

Consolidate  Old Server Names on Your DFS Server

CopyRight2 additionally supports the scenario where you move the DNS and NetBIOS names of the source file servers to your DFS configuration. This allows you to maintain the original UNC namespaces while gaining the flexibility to shift the data around during migrations without user impact.

Optimized for Low Bandwidth & High Latency WAN Connections

A built-in block level protocol optionally allows byte level synchronization over high latency WAN connections, for example to migrate to your hosting provider, the cloud or between separate clouds.

Migration of User and Group Accounts

Migrate Users and Groups

Migrate local and domain accounts including all properties and attributes between source and target systems. The Password Migration Add-On additionally allows the migration of user passwords.

Migrate from AGLP to AGDLP

Optionally switch from an AGLP RBAC model (Account Global -> server Local group -> Permission) to AGDLP (Account Global -> Domain Local group -> Permissions) by migrating server local accounts automatically to the domain.

Migrate from Workgroup to Domain Member

Migrate your source system configured for workgroup mode to a target system that is configured as a domain member for increased security and easier management.

Migrate Across Domain Boundaries

Easily migrate between systems that are members in different domains.

Migrate Accounts Automatically

Simply migrate accounts during the data migration. CopyRight2 will migrate all accounts that are either directly or indirectly referenced in permissions.

Migrate Accounts in a Two Step Approach

Optionally migrate in a two step approach. Migrate accounts first with a "User and Group Migration" job, followed by a "Data Migration" job copying data and permissions.

Wide Range of Supported Platforms

CopyRight2 supports all Microsoft operating systems beginning with Windows® 2000 up to Windows® 2022 (32-Bit and 64-Bit), Windows® cluster services and storage solutions such as NetApp®, EMC®, Hitachi® HNAS & HDI, Synology®, Nutanix®, NetGear® ReadyNAS, TrueNAS, FreeNAS and Linux. Additionally it supports Azure Storage accounts and Active Directory implementations running on Linux, for example Synology's Directory Server or Univention Corporate Server.

Windows® 2000 up to 2022

CopyRight2 is certified for Windows® 2000 Server up to Windows® 2019 and supports the new Windows® 2022 version.

Windows® Cluster Services

It supports cluster services and will create cluster file share resources if migrating to a Windows® cluster.

NAS Storage Solutions

CopyRight2 supports NetApp®, EMC®, Hitachi®, Synology®, ReadyNAS®, TrueNAS® and other Linux Samba based solutions.

Windows 2019 Certification Logo
Windows 2016 Certification Logo
Windows 2012 Certification Logo
Windows 2008 Certification Logo
Windows 2003 Certification Logo
Windows 2000 Certification Logo

CopyRight2 Licensing Models

There are three different perpetual (one time fee) license models available:

  • The CopyRight2 Standard Edition is a node locked license, including unlimited 24/7 support via telephone, email and chat (Cisco WebEx / Zoom / Microsoft Teams). Once a license for the Standard Edition is activated it cannot be moved to another node. You can re-use the licenses of your current target systems, when those become the source again of a future migration. For that future migration you would then only need additional licenses for the systems not yet having a license. There are single node licenses available as well for that purpose.
  • The CopyRight2 Mid-Range Edition, allowing up to 50 server or NAS activations per year. This license type separates license from support costs and includes 5 support incidents. Server/NAS activations expire after one year and move back to your pool of licenses, from where you can assign it to the same or different systems again. (*)
  • The CopyRight2 Enterprise Edition, allowing an unlimited number of server or NAS activations. This license type separates license from support costs as well and includes 10 support incidents. (*)
  • All Editions include a corresponding number of client licenses for the Computer and Profile Migration Feature.
(*) Additional support incidents and client licenses for the CopyRight2 Mid-Range and Enterprise Editions can be obtained from our online store or from a reseller as needed. Support incidents opened because of a product defect will not be deducted from your remaining support incidents.


  • Includes 5 support incidents
  • Up to 50 Server/NAS activations for data, Active Directory and IIS migrations per year
  • Up to 1,000 Computer and Profile Migrations
  • Includes all Add-Ons:
    Password Migration
    IIS Migration
    Azure Storage Account Migration
    DFSR Migration
  • Two years of warranty
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  • Unlimited 24/7 support
    (Telephone, Email, Chat)
  • Two Server/NAS activations for data, Active Directory and IIS migrations (Source & Target)
  • Up to 150 Computer and Profile Migrations
  • Includes all Add-Ons:
    Password Migration
    IIS Migration
    Azure Storage Account Migration
    DFSR Migration
  • Two years of warranty
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  • Includes 10 support incidents
  • Unlimited Server/NAS activations for data, Active Directory and IIS migrations
  • Up to 5,000 Computer and Profile Migrations
  • Includes all Add-Ons:
    Password Migration
    IIS Migration
    Azure Storage Account Migration
    DFSR Migration
  • Two years of warranty
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