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Friday, June 14, 2024

About Sys-Manage Informatica SL

Sys-Manage's main objective is the development of software for migrations of servers, storage solutions, Active Directory, IIS, DFS and cloud storage solutions.

About Sys-Manage

Who We Are?

Founded in 1998, the company's core objectives are the development and distribution of secure, reliable and efficient software solutions for the migration of file servers, network attached storage (NAS), Active Directory (AD), Microsoft Internet Server (IIS) and Distributed Files System (DFS) either on-premise or the cloud.

Our Customers

Our customers worldwide are ranging from small over medium sized businesses to huge enterprises and leading organizations, across a wide variety of industries and sectors. We are sincerely committed and respectfully dedicated to produce excelling products in combination with providing a matching customer service experience of the highest quality and standards. We believe you, as a client, don’t deserve anything less than that.

Our Motivation

At Sys-Manage a genuine passion drives us to provide easy to use solutions for complex real-world problems. We enable our valuable customers to transform their unique IT landscape and take their business or endeavor to the next level. While our key focus is predominantly on the Microsoft Windows® family of operating systems, we also possess considerable expertise on other prominent platforms like Linux, Unix and Apple macOS.
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