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Friday, June 14, 2024

Password Migration Add-On

Use CopyRight2 and the included password migration add-on to migrate your local and domain accounts including all their settings. Free trial available.

CopyRight2 Password Migration Add-On

The password migration add-on adds functionality to CopyRight2 required to migrate user account passwords. The add-on is included with the CopyRight2 license.

Migrate User Passwords Option

Password Migration Add-On

After installing the add-on the "Migrate user passwords" option in the CopyRight2 GUI will not be grayed out anymore in the "User and Group Options" page of "Data Migration" and "User and Group Migration" jobs.

Offline Migrations

Additionally it will enable the ability to export & import users including passwords using CopyRight2's offline migration method intended for migrations between servers that are not connected with each other.

Local User Accounts

Migrate passwords of local user accounts.

Active Directory Domain User Accounts

Migrate passwords of domain users.

Supported Configurations

Just like CopyRight2, the Add-On supports source and target servers configured as domain members, domain controllers and workgroup mode and any combination of those configurations.

Source and Target Operating Systems

Currently the password migration add-on supports Windows® 2000 up to Windows® 2022, Synology® and Linux/Samba running in workgroup mode, as domain member or Active Directory domain controller.
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