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Monday, July 22, 2024

IIS FTP/HTTP Site Migration Add-On

The IIS migration add-on included with CopyRight2 simplifies site migrations including data, permissions, accounts, site & virtual directory configurations.

IIS FTP/HTTP Site Migration Add-On

The IIS FTP/HTTP site migration add-on adds functionality to CopyRight2 to migrate IIS sites including site and virtual directory configuration between servers running Microsoft Internet Information Server. The add-on is included with the CopyRight2 license.

Additional Data Migration Job Pages

Data Migration Job FTP Site Page

Installing the add-on will add two additional pages to the data migration job definition window. One to configure the migration of FTP sites and another one for HTTP(S) sites. If enabled, a data migration job will automatically migrate IIS site configuration data for sites and virtual directories located at or below the job's specified source folder(s).

New IIS Site Migration Job Type

The "IIS Site Migration" job type, added to the available job types by installing the add-on, allows the migration of IIS site and virtual directory configurations apart from the data migration. This is useful to migrate sites that are not located directly on the IIS server but are located on a different server or storage system. You can actually run a user account migration, the data migration and the IIS site migration separately if desired.

Supported IIS Versions

The add-on supports Microsoft Internet Server version 5.0 (Windows® 2000) up to version 10.0 (Windows® 2022) and any version released in between as the source and IIS 7.5 (Windows® 2008 R2) up to IIS 10.0 (Windows® 2022) as a target.
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