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Sys-Manage Scription PackageThe product Scription allows the administrator to customize the user's environments during log-on, adapted to their authorizations and requirements. This was so far only possible with the help of different tools and batch files ("conventional" logon scripts). A substantial maintenance expenditure and the maintenance of the various tools usually lead to increased personnel resources requirement, resulting in increased TCO's.

The configuration is managed by using a graphical user interface.

  • Already implemented at customer sites with small, medium and large sized networks, ranging from 10 up to 60.000+ users (including banks, postal services companies, ...)
  • Comprehensive online help
  • Structured approach
    • List of possible configuration changes
    • Different conditions combinable using logical operator
    • Configurable intervals for configurations
  • Active Logon Scripting
    • Only necessary elements will be delivered to the client
  • Support for all Microsoft Windows® 32-Bit Operating Systems
    • Windows®-NT 3.51 Workstation / Server
    • Windows®-NT 4.0Workstation / Server
    • Windows®-NT 4.0 Terminal Server
    • Windows® 2000 Professional
    • Windows® 2000 Server / Advanced Server
    • Windows® XP
    • Windows® 2003 Server
    • Windows® 95
    • Windows® 98
    • Windows® ME
    • Windows®-NT integrated security !
  • Active Directory Support
  • Easy installation procedure (Microsoft SMS deployable)
  • Flexible and extensible
  • ODBC-database support
    • Microsft AccessODBC Driver
    • Microsoft SQL-Server 6.0 - 2000
  • Replication mechanism
    • Changes can be explicitly replicated to domain controllers
  • Add additional information to the Microsoft S.M.S. inventory
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