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Sunday, June 4, 2023

IIS FTP/HTTP Server Migration

Easily migrate FTP sites & virtual directories including configuration, users (with passwords), groups, data and permissions between IIS servers.

Microsoft IIS FTP/HTTP Server Migration

Easily migrate Microsoft Internet Information Servers including their configuration. CopyRight2 and the IIS FTP/HTTP Site Migration Add-on can migrate the IIS site and virtual directory configuration, accounts, data and permissions between servers.The Password Migration Add-on additionally allows the transfer of user passwords.

IIS Site and Virtual Directory Settings

Migrate IIS sites including virtual directories their configured settings.

User and Group Accounts

CopyRight2 can migrate user and group accounts from the source to the target server.

Data and Permissions

It migrates files and folders including NTFS permissions to the target server.

Migrate FTP Configuration Settings

CopyRight2 FTP Server Migration Settings

CopyRight2 and the IIS FTP/HTTP Site Migration Add-on can migrate all configured FTP site and virtual directory settings from your source to your target server.

Authentication And Authorization

Migrate the authentication and authorization configuration.

Directory Browsing & User Isolation

Copy directory browser and user isolation settings from source to target.

Firewall Support & IP Address Restrictions

Transfer firewall support and IP address restriction settings.

Logging and Messages

Copy the logging configuration and the configured messages, such as the FTP servers welcome and logoff message.

Report Filtering and SSL Settings

Migrate report filtering and SSL configuration settings from source to target.

IIS Manager Permissions and "Connect As" Credentials

Transfer the IIS Manager permissions and configured "Connect As" credentials.

Migrate HTTP(S) Configuration Settings

CopyRight2 IIS HTTP(S) Site Settings

CopyRight2 and IIS FTP/HTTP Site Migration Add-on can migrate web sites including their configuration from source to target server. Please note that modules are currently not migrated and may require additional steps to be taken on the target system.

ASP.NET Settings

Migrate configured ASP.NET settings of your sites and virtual directories.

IIS Settings

Copy IIS settings configured for your sites and virtual directories from source to target server.

Other Settings

Transfer other settings like IIS Manager, application pools and "Connect As" configurations.

IIS FTP Server Migration Tutorial Video

IIS Site Transfer Video Thumb

Migration of User and Group Accounts

Additionally CopyRight2 can migrate user and group accounts, that are referenced in your IIS configuration, NTFS or share level permissions.

Migrate Users and Groups

Migrate local and domain accounts including all properties and attributes between source and target servers. The Password Migration Add-On additionally allows the migration of user passwords.

Migrate from AGLP to AGDLP

Optionally switch from an AGLP RBAC model (Account Global -> server Local group -> Permission) to AGDLP (Account Global -> Domain Local group -> Permissions) by migrating server local accounts automatically to the domain.

Migrate from Workgroup to Domain Member

Migrate your source IIS server configured for workgroup mode to a target server that is configured as a domain member for increased security and easier management.

Migrate Accounts & IIS Configuration Automatically

Simply migrate accounts and the IIS configuration during the data migration with a single job. CopyRight2 will migrate all accounts that are either directly or indirectly referenced. It will automatically migrate site and virtual directory settings for migrated folders as well.

Migrate in a Two/Three Step Approach

Optionally migrate in multiple steps. You could for example migrate accounts first with a "User and Group Migration" job, followed by a "Data Migration" job copying data and permissions. Finally utilize an IIS site migration job to migrate the IIS configuration.

Migrate Across Domain Boundaries

Easily migrate between Internet Information Servers that are members in different domains.

Data Migration

CopyRight2 is a reliant and high performance migration solution used by thousands of customers world-wide.

Data Integrity

Validate the integrity of your valuable data by comparing a checksum (CRC-32) or a wide variety of hashes (MD4, MD5, RIPEMD160, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3) for each source and target file. Optionally create a report, in addition to the log file, comparing each file, folder and permission between source and and target.


CopyRight2 is optimized for the SMB protocol. To migrate over high latency and low bandwidth connections you can optionally use CopyRight2's block transfer protocol (similar to Rsync in Linux) replicating on a byte level. It uses data already existing on the target, to optimize the synchronization of files such as database or Outlook PSTfiles.

File Shares & NTFS Permissions

Besides data and accounts, CopyRight2 additionally migrates NTFS permissions, file shares and file share permissions between source and target systems.

Migration of NTFS Permissions & Inheritance

CopyRight2 migrates NTFS permissions and inheritance by default. You can configure a data migration job to optionally inherit from the target folder's parent instead. It migrates the permissions (DACL), auditing information (SACL), the file/folder owner and additionally the group owner. The group owner is not visible in Windows explorer and used by the POSIX subsystem.


The DACL is the list of accounts having permissions for a file or folder.


The SACL is the list of accounts configured for auditing of a file or folder.


The owner of a file or folder is initially set to the account creating the object.


The default setting of a "Data Migration" job will preserve the inheritance of the specified source folder(s) on the target. If the source folder(s) had inheritance enabled, the copied target folder(s) will inherit NTFS permissions from their corresponding parent folders.

Enable or Disable

Optionally disable or enable inheritance for the target folder(s) in the copy job's settings to configure inheritance independently from the current inheritance settings of the specified source folder(s).

Convert Inherited
Into Explicit ACEs

If disabling inheritance in your copy job settings you can additionally convert any access control entries (ACEs) that were inherited from parent folders of the specified source folder(s) into explicit (not inherited) access control entries on the target.

Supported Microsoft IIS Versions

IIS 5.0 to IIS 10.0

CopyRight2 supports Microsoft Internet Information Server beginning with version 5.0 (Windows® 2000 Server) up to version 10.0 (Windows® Server 2022) and any version released in between.
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CopyRight2 Licensing Models

There are three different perpetual (one time fee) license models available:

  • The CopyRight2 Standard Edition is a node locked license, including unlimited 24/7 support via telephone, email and chat (Cisco WebEx / Zoom / Microsoft Teams). Once a license for the Standard Edition is activated it cannot be moved to another node. You can re-use the licenses of your current target systems, when those become the source again of a future migration. For that future migration you would then only need additional licenses for the systems not yet having a license. There are single node licenses available as well for that purpose.
  • The CopyRight2 Mid-Range Edition, allowing up to 50 activations per year. This license type separates license from support costs and includes 5 support incidents.Activations expire after one year and move back to your pool of licenses, from where you can assign it to the same or different systems again. (*)
  • The CopyRight2 Enterprise Edition, allowing an unlimited number of activations. This license type separates license from support costs as well and includes 10 support incidents. (*)
(*) Additional support incidents can be obtained from our online store or from a reseller as needed. Support incidents opened because of a product defect will not be deducted from your remaining support incidents.


  • Includes 5 support incidents
  • Up to 50 activations per year
  • Includes all Add-Ons:
    Password Migration
    IIS Migration
    Azure Storage Account Migration
    DFSR Migration
  • Two years of warranty
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  • Unlimited 24/7 support
    (Telephone, Email, Chat)
  • Two activations
  • Includes all Add-Ons:
    Password Migration
    IIS Migration
    Azure Storage Account Migration
    DFSR Migration
  • Two years of warranty
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  • Includes 10 support incidents
  • Unlimited activations
  • Includes all Add-Ons:
    Password Migration
    IIS Migration
    Azure Storage Account Migration
    DFSR Migration
  • Two years of warranty
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