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Monday, July 22, 2024

Sys-Manage TakeOver Tool

The TakeOver command line tool allows administrators to change the owner of files or folders recursively.

Sys-Manage TakeOver Tool

The tool TakeOver does allow the administrator to change the owner of a file or directory by command line.

Please note that the permissions (DACL) of files and folders will be reset to "Administrators" full access!

It is usually very time consuming to complete such a task by using the Windows provided GUI-mechanism.

Command Line Syntax

TakeOver {File Or Folder Path} [/S] [/I] [/D]

Parameter Name Description
File Or Folder Path Specifies the path to the file or folder. You can also append wildcards to the parameter, for example "c:\my folder\*.*".
/S If a folder was specified as path, additionally process any sub folders.
/I Continue process even when errors occurred. By default the program will stop upon the first error.
/D Display each file that is processed.

TakeOver Examples

To reset owner and DACL of a file called "SomeFile.Doc", you could run the following command:
TakeOver SomeFile.Doc

To reset owner and DACL of all files located on the H: drive and log any errors to "c:\temp\takeover.log", you could run this command:
TakeOver H:\*.* /S /I 2>c:\temp\takeover.log


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