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Friday, June 14, 2024

Windows File Server Migration to NetApp® Filer (Same Domain)

This video explains the migration of Windows file servers onto NetApp Filers, including data, file shares, NTFS & share level permissions and local groups.

Windows File Server Migration to NetApp® Filer (Same Domain)

In this video you can see how to migrate from a Windows® 2012 R2 file server onto a NetApp® Filer including files, folders, NTFS permissions, file shares, share level permissions, local groups and their members.



Both systems are configured as members in the same domain. The software is installed and run on the Windows source system. The source is running Windows 2012 R2 and the target is a NetApp Filer running in 7-mode (non-clustered). There is group and home shares located on the source server that will get migrated onto the NetApp. Access to the file shares is controlled by local groups that have to get migrated onto the target as well. The local groups are having domain global groups as members.


Job Type
Data Migration

Name and Description Page
Name: NetApp Migration

Source and Destination Page

Source Destination
\\WIN2K12R2FS\C$\Groupshares \\NA821\D$\Groupshares
\\WIN2K12R2FS\C$\Homeshares \\NA821\D$\Homeshares

Synchronization: Add/Update/Delete

User and Group Filter Page
Local groups: Enabled (Add/Update)

User and Group Options Page
Local group members: Enabled (Add/Remove)

File Shares Page
Include file shares located at specified folder(s) and below: Enabled (Add/Update)


The settings used assume that no users are working while the migration takes place. If you want to use an approach with multiple passes (pre-copy/final copy) you additionally have to enable either the "Use Volume Shadow Copy" ("Source and Destination" page) or the "Ignore errors resulting from locked files" ("Error Processing" page) option for the pre-copy pass(es) to prevent errors from occurring because of locked files.

In addition to NetApp's 7-Mode, CopyRight2 also supports cluster mode (CM or cDOT).

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