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Friday, June 14, 2024

IIS FTP Server Migration (Cross Domain Boundaries)

Watch how to use CopyRight2's IIS Migration Add-On to migrate Microsoft IIS FTP sites including virtual directories, settings & accounts between servers.

IIS FTP Server Migration (Cross Domain Boundaries)

This video demonstrates the CopyRight2 IIS Site Migration Add-On and how to migrate a Microsoft Windows® 2008 (original release) FTP member server to a Windows® 2016 domain controller running IIS in another domain. There is no trust relationship between source and target domain. It shows how to migrate the FTP site's folder including virtual directories, IIS settings, groups and user accounts including passwords.



In this example scenario the source server "WIN-17B09RRRJTG" is running Windows 2008 and is a member of the "" domain. It runs an IIS 7.0 FTP site. The target server "WIN2K16" is running Windows 2016 and is configured as a domain controller of the "" domain. There is no trust between the two domains. The target server has IIS 10.0 and the FTP services installed, but there are no sites defined yet.

There are IIS FTP site settings, files, folders, NTFS permissions, users, user passwords and local groups that have to get migrated to the target environment. The aim is a seamless migration, allowing users to login to the new FTP server without having to apply any further changes.

CopyRight2 has been installed on the source server, along with the Password Synchronization Add-On and the IIS FTP & HTTP Site Migration Add-On.

If newer Windows versions were used, or if running it on the target, the same settings could be used. CopyRight2 supports and is certified for Windows 2000 up to Windows 2019. It supports IIS 6.0 (Windows 2003) up to IIS 10.0 (Windows 2019) and any IIS version released in between, running on the 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows.


Job Type
Data Migration

Name and Description Page
Name: FTP Site Migration

Source and Destination Page

Source Destination
\\WIN-17B09RRRJTG\C$\Inetpub\FTPRoot \\WIN2K16\C$\FTPRoot
\\WIN-17B09RRRJTG\C$\FTP\Images \\WIN2K16\C$\Data

Synchronization: Add/Update/Delete

User and Group Filter Page
Users: Enabled (Add/Update)
Local groups: Enabled (Add/Update)

User and Group Options Page
Local group memberships: Enabled (Add/Remove)
Migrate user passwords: Enabled
Local group members: Enabled (Add/Remove)

IIS FTP Filter Page
Migrate FTP site and location settings: Enabled (Add/Remove)
ASP.NET: All Enabled
IIS Manager Permissions: Enabled


The settings used assume that no users are working while the migration takes place. If you want to use an approach with multiple passes (pre-copy/final copy) you additionally have to enable either the "Use Volume Shadow Copy" ("Source and Destination" page) or the "Ignore errors resulting from locked files" ("Error Processing" page) option for the pre-copy pass(es) to prevent errors from occurring because of locked files.

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