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Collecting Infrastructure Information - Collecting and Importing Data (Part 2/3)

This is the second part of our video series on how to collect domain infrastructure information using Sys-Manage CopyRight2's Infrastructure Reporting module. The video explains how to define computer and LDAP scan jobs to collect inventory data and a scan import job to import it into the SQL server database.
The server that SQL-Server 2016 and the Reporting Services were installed on in this video is running Windows 2012 R2. You could install it on a newer version of Windows, for example Windows 2016 or 2019 as well. The system has the 64-bit version of CopyRight2 installed.
  Settings (Computer Scan Job)  

Job Type
Computer Scan

Name and Description Page
Name: Server Scan Job

Computerts Page
Static list of computer(s) to be scanned:

Settings Page
Export format: Database (Access MDB format)

File Services Page
All options enabled including file hashs (RIPEMD160).

Software Page
All options enabled

Security (SAM) Page
All options enabled

  Settings (LDAP Scan Job)  

Job Type

Name and Description Page
Name: Active Directory Scan Job

Settings Page
Domain Controller: WIN2K12R2

  Settings (Scan Import Job)  

Job Type
Scan Import

Name and Description Page
Name: SQL Import Job

Jobs Page
Scan Jobs:
Server Scan Job
Active Directory Scan Job
Import to Microsoft SQL server database: Enabled
SQL Server Name: WIN2K12R2

You could schedule the defined jobs for background execution in an interval after their definition if you want the SQL data to get updated automatically.

Download Collecting and Importing Infrastructure Data Video

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