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 CopyRight2: User and Group Migration  
Besides of automatically migrating all user and group accounts that would be unresolvable at the destination during the file migration or in case of Microsoft FTP server migrations, CopyRight2 allows you to selectively migrate accounts in a separate "User and Group Copy" job giving you more control over the migration taking place. Running an actual migration job of 10.000 users & groups is lightning fast and completes in less than 10 minutes usually, if sufficient bandwidth is available.

To create a user and group migration job only takes a few mouse clicks, it actually involves 4 steps outlined below:
1. Add a new "User and Group Copy" job and fill out the name and optionally the description.

2. Next choose the source and the destination computer. You can specify any combination of roles no matter whether the computers are domain controllers, domain members or configured for workgroup mode:
3. Then select the users and groups that you want to migrate either from the local security account database (SAM) or from the Active Directory structure depending on the source server's configuration:

4. Optionally change the settings and enable the "Migrate user passwords" feature to migrate the user's passwords as well:

After the "User and Group Copy" job has been created you can run it either interactively from within the GUI or schedule it for background execution taking place at another time.

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File Server Migration...
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CopyRight2's rollout...
...planning feature intended to accelerate the rollout process of larger scale file server and NAS migration projects.
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