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 CopyRight2 Compared with other Solutions  

Feature RoboCopy Competitors CopyRight2
Block transfer mode not relying on Microsoft's SMB protocol (similar to RSync) to speed up copying and synchronizations across low bandwidth, low latency connections, reusing already existing data at the destination up to the byte level.
Compression & encryption (if using block transfer mode) of the transmitted data.
SHA2-256 hash validation to ensure each file was successfully transferred.
Guaranteed bandwidth limit specified in bytes/second (packet delay in milliseconds is not a guaranteed bandwidth limit!).
Copies file security inner domain (without local users or local groups involved).
Copies file security inner domain (including local users and local groups on member servers requiring migration of those users and groups to the target member server or the domain).
Copies file security cross domain (including local users, local groups, global users and global groups).
Copies network shares during file copy.
Preserves user passwords during migration.
Copies very long file names.
Preserves folder creation timestamps during file migration.      
Copies compressed files and folders.
Copies encrypted files and folders.
Copies Apple Macintosh resource forks.

Preserves short file names for 16-bit application compatibility.

Includes a CopyRight InfraStructure Reporting license constituting a full fledged solution beginning at the early planning stages by delivering data about the source environment in a user friendly way at no additional costs and integrated into one solution framework.

Can notify an operator of job completion by email.
Native 64-Bit version available (x64 and Itanium).
Has a graphical user interface to interactively manage copy jobs.

User interface can connect to remote server having solution installed on.

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