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Monday, July 22, 2024

Sys-Manage Blog

This page contains Sys-Manage's blog, where we will provide interesting postings about topics such as migrations of file servers, NAS storage solutions, Microsoft IIS, Active Directory on-premise and into the cloud.

Integrate PowerShell to Extend Your Migration Process

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Learn more about how to use  CopyRight2's PowerShell Integration Add-on to integrate PowerShell Cmdlets into your ActiveScripts defined in your migration job settings (object transformation scripts, job start/end scripts, copy start/end scripts). PowerShell provides access to local and remote management of not only Windows® and many applications running on Windows® such as Microsoft® Exchange but also to other platforms like macOS® and Linux systems.

Migrate Users from Account Forest to Exchange Resource Forest

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This article explains how to migrate Active-Directory users of a so-called account forest domain to an Exchange resource forest domain including the conversion of linked into regular mailboxes. Running an Exchange installation in a separate forest has the advantage that Exchange schema extensions are kept completely separate from the forest the account domain belongs to. It is also an administrative boundary for example in case Exchange is provided by a hosting company. On the other hand, it adds complexity and additional domain controllers to the environment that have to be taken care of.

Migrate Tectia® SSH for Windows Users and Data

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This article explains how to use CopyRight2 to migrate Tectia SSH for Windows® including user accounts along with their passwords, their Windows® user profiles, groups, group memberships and data including permissions. Tectia®, originally named SSH Communications Security, was founded by SSH's inventor and Finland native Tatu Ylönen, in response to a password-sniffing attack at his university.
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