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CopyRight2 Standard Edition<br>(Single Computer Licence)
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CopyRight2 STANDARD Edition

(1 Computer License)


CopyRight2 lets you easily migrate network shares, files, folders, permissions, groups and user accounts (even with passwords) from source to destination computers. [more]

CopyRight2 is licensed per named computer. Each computer being the source or destination of a copy operation requires a separate license. The license cannot be transferred to another source or destination computer once the copy operation has started (node locked). The license is perpetual.

This package contains additional computer licenses to increase the number of existing CopyRight2 Standard Edition licenses. The price includes free updates & upgrades, 2 years of warranty and unlimited 24/7 support via email, chat (Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams) or telephone.

Note: Please provide the licensee's company name or individual name when ordering.


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How is CopyRight2 Licensed?
How is CopyRight2 Licensed?
There are 3 types of licenses:

The CopyRight2 Standard Edition is licensed per source and target system (server or NAS). Once a license is activated it cannot be moved to another system. Licenses of target systems can be re-used when those systems become the source of the next migration again. Prices include 2 years of warranty, free updates/upgrades and 24/7 support via email, telephone or Cisco WebEx / Zoom / Microsoft Teams. For example, if you want to migrate 2 source systems onto 1 target system, you would need 3 single licenses of CopyRight2 Standard Edition.

The CopyRight2 Enterprise Edition has a one time fee for unlimited activations and ships with 10 support cases.

The CopyRight2 Midrange Edition has a one time fee for up to 50 activations per year and ships with 5 support cases.

Additional support for the Midrange/Enterprise Editions can be purchased in our online store or from a reseller. Support cases opened because of a product defect, will not be deducted from your contingent.
Are the Add-Ons included?
Are the Add-Ons included?
The product price includes:

The Password migration add-on, to migrate user accounts including passwords.

The IIS FTP/HTTP site migration add-on to migrate IIS sites including settings.

The DFSR add-on to setup DFSR (distributed file system replication) with CopyRight2.

The Azure add-on, to migrate file shares to Azure storage accounts.
Where can I buy it?
Where can I buy it?
You can buy CopyRight2 either directly from our web store or by contacting one of our resellers.



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