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Building Custom Reports with MS Report Builder


This video shows how easy it is to build custom reports using CopyRight2's preinstalled Reporting Server data model.

With the help of the Microsoft Report Builder you can build reports without knowing anything about SQL queries. You can simply select the required entities, for example, users, groups, files, folders or computers and then drag & drop the fields of the entity you are interested in onto the report's surface.

The reporting model knows how entities relate to each other, for example that users are members of groups or that users have group memberships. When adding columns from another entity to your report, it will therefore know what you expect it to do. That means, instead of crafting a SQL join statement, you could drag a user's membership information and it will automatically add the groups the user is a member of as a column to your user report.

Once you have the report completed, you can publish it to your Reporting server and make it available to others who can then use their favorite browser to view and download them.

The server that SQL-Server 2016 and the Reporting Services were installed on in this video is running Windows 2012 R2. You could install it on a newer version of Windows, for example Windows 2016 or 2019 as well. The system has the 64-bit version of CopyRight2 installed.

Download Building Custom Reports With MS Report Builder Video

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