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Top 10 Reasons for CopyRight2

What are the top 10 reasons to use CopyRight2 for file server, NAS, Active Directory Domain, Microsoft Internet Server FTP/HTTP site, Distributed File System and Azure cloud migrations?
  • includes two years of free maintenance, product updates and 24/7 support. Microsoft for example, charges $499 USD per incident (or $2.000 USD for 5 - huge savings!). At Sys-Manage there is no multiple tier support, you will talk to an expert right away.
  • is scaleable and can be used in small, medium and large enterprises. Most mainstream solutions suffer from the 80/20 paradigm (80% of the solution with 20% of the effort). You may use something like Robocopy, but it only supports the scenario where a) no server local users and groups are involved and b) only a single domain is involved. Solutions like Microsoft’s ADMT will only make sense if migrating a huge number of servers and even then, using CopyRight2 would still outperform it performance wise, because it can perform such a migration in a single step, opposed to ADMT’s 3 steps (Accounts, Resources, sidHistory Cleanup). CopyRight2 is a 100% solution covering all the possible scenarios.
  • supports all Microsoft Operating systems beginning with Windows® 2000 up to Windows® 2019 (32-Bit and 64-Bit), Windows® cluster services and storage solutions such as NetApp®, EMC®, Hitachi® HNAS & HDI, Synology®, NetGear® ReadyNAS, TrueNAS, FreeNAS and Linux Samba. Protect your investment and your liberty to freely move between different vendors and solutions. We don’t endorse specific vendors. We love them all!
  • optionally supports a block transfer mode not relying on Microsoft's SMB protocol to speed up copying and synchronizations across low bandwidth, low latency connections, reusing already existing data at the destination.
  • ensures the integrity of the data copied by using strong crypto methods (SHA2-256 hash) to validate that the source and destination files are equal after processing.
  • utilizes the Windows Volume Shadow copy feature (VSS) to copy files that are locked and in use.
  • has a built-in feature allowing the administrator to use a specified guaranteed bandwidth limit.
  • migrates group and user accounts optionally including passwords.
  • ships bundled with an Infrastructure Reporting module supporting you in your early migration planning stages by providing valuable information about the source environment.
  • has a very attractive pricing model and offers much higher ROI than competing solutions. Request a quote today! Licenses do not expire after 30 days, so you can reuse the license of the target server when it becomes a source server during the next migration.
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