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Copy NTFS Permissions, Files, Folders, Shares and Accounts


Sys-Manage CopyRight2 Package
CopyRight2 lets you easily copy network file shares, files, folders, NTFS permissions, share permissions, groups and user accounts (even with passwords) from source to destination computers or domains.

It is a comprehensive solution that will support you in your planning stages up to the actual migration phase. CopyRight2 scales well from small to huge environments. It has been used successfully by customers to migrate environments with more than 600 servers, more than 300 domains and domains with more than 60.000 users in the past.

It comes bundled with a royalty free CopyRight2 InfraStructure Reporting license that will allow you to gather all information required about the source environment.

Use the intuitive graphical user interface to create a copy job with a few mouse clicks and simply select the source files and destination folders or add a computer or Active Directory scan job to gather live data for planning purposes in the format of your choice (Text, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server).

Any jobs created with the graphical user interface can be run unattended and at a chosen date and time or interval.

Beside of the graphical user interface it is integrated with Windows® Explorer and offers an additional command line interface very similar to the built-in Xcopy or the Robocopy command.

CopyRight2 supports Microsoft Windows® 2000, Microsoft Windows® 2003 / 2003 R2, Microsoft Windows® 2008 / 2008 R2, Microsoft Windows® 2012 / 2012 R2, Microsoft Windows® 2016, Microsoft Windows® XP, Microsoft Windows® Vista, Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows® 8.x and Windows® 10. It supports Windows® Cluster Services, a wide variety of network attached storage solutions (NetApp®, EMC®, Hitachi®, NetGear®...) and also Linux Samba as source or target server.

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