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CopyRight2 is capable of synchronizing the source with the destination, copying only files that have recently changed and deleting files that no longer exist at the source.
You can copy files with CopyRight2 that are "normally" not accessible, in the same way it is done by Windows® NT's Backup features, allowing you to backup all your files, even those where the ACL would deny access. You can even migrate files that are locked and in use by using the built-in volume shadow copy feature.

CopyRight2 features a state of the art user interface, is seamlessly integrated into the Windows® Explorer and additionally contains a command line interface for scripting purposes.

The security information copied by CopyRight2 consists of:

  • Access Control List (ACL) 
  • System Audit List
  • Owner Information
  • Group Information
For data migration purposes you can:
  • Assume identically named users and groups in the source and destination environment or use a prefix or suffix to workaround conflicting names in consolidation scenarios
  • Graphically define individually which users and groups in the source environment relate to which users and groups in the destination environment
  • Automatically copy the required users and groups from the source to the destination environment
  • Synchronize the required users and groups from the source with the users and groups in the destination environment



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Updated Video...
...of a Windows® 2008 to 2012 member file server migration in the same domain. Watch it now!
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