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NetName is a useful tool to establish naming conventions or to change existing ones, e.g. for modifying a computer's name according to a physical location change.

It is designed to run on Microsoft Windows®-NT 4.0 Workstations and Microsoft® Windows-NT 4.0 Member Servers running as domain members.

When running as domain members the changes are done locally on the client and on the primary domain controller, the client belongs to.

To make such changes, you usually have to use the graphical front-end or to create some method that works during unattended setup, which would then force you to reinstall the affected systems.

NetName can automatically generate a new name based on a formula, using information from the client's ip-address, like its location, or octets of the ip-address to be used within the resulting name.

Another way to use the tool is by preparing an Ini file, which contains a dedicated assignment of a new name for each client. This way, any naming convention can be applied.

To be used the program requires domain admin security context to make changes to the domain controller, if involved, and local admin security context to make changes to the domain member or workgroup member.

Microsoft S.M.S. can be used to deploy the naming convention by importing the supplied package definition files that are included with the software.


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