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Update Home Share and Profile Path in Active Directory


This video explains how to update attributes of Active Directory objects using Sys-Manage CopyRight2. In this case the profile and home folder path are updated including the remote desktop specific attributes.


The server "WIN2K12R2" is a domain controller of the "DomainB.Com" domain. CopyRight2 was previously installed on this system.

There are some user accounts having the old server name "WIN2K8R2" being referenced in their user home share, profile and remote desktop profile paths, that need to get updated with the corresponding server name "WIN2K12R2".

If newer Windows versions were used, or if running it on the source or a 3rd computer, the same settings could be used.


Job Type
User and Group Migration

Name and Description Page
Name: Update Home Share and Profile Path

Source and Destination Page
Source computer: WIN2K12R2
Destination computer: WIN2K12R2

User and Group Migration Page
Specific accounts: The accounts "Alfred" and "Andreas"

Filter Page
User accounts: Enabled (Add/Update)

User Environment Page
Update user home share: Enabled
Update user profile: Enabled
Use a static search and replace list: WIN2K8R2 -> WIN2K12R2

Active Directory Options Page
Migrate OU & container structure: LDAP://DC=DOMAINB,DC=COM

Transform users:
Destination("TerminalServicesProfilePath")=Replace(Source("TerminalServicesProfilePath"), "WIN2K8R2", "WIN2K12R2", 1, -1, vbTextCompare) Destination("TerminalServicesHomeDirectory")=Replace(Source("TerminalServicesHomeDirectory"), "WIN2K8R2", "WIN2K12R2", 1, -1, vbTextCompare)

Alternatively, if you don't want to use the Replace function, you could use something like this: Destination("TerminalServicesProfilePath")="\\WIN2K12R2\PROFILE$\" & Source("samAccountName")
Destination("TerminalServicesHomeDirectory")="\\WIN2K12R2\HOME$\" & Source("samAccountName")

In this example, the remote desktop attributes are updated using a script to transform the user accounts. You could apply the same technique for any other Active Directory attributes and object class, such as groups or contacts.

Download Update Active Directory Attributes Video

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