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Local User and Group Migration (Same Domain)


This videos explains how to migrate local group and local user accounts (including passwords) between a Windows® 2008 R2 and a Windows® 2012 R2 member server in the same domain.


The source server "WIN2K8R2FS", running Windows 2008 R2 and the server "WIN2K12R2", running Windows 2012 R2 are  both members of the "DomainA.Com" domain. CopyRight2 and the Password Synchronization Add-on, are installed on the source system, to push the accounts to the target.

The local group "LGroup01" has the local users "User01", "User02", "User03" and the global group "grp1" as members. The local group "LGroup02" has the local users "User04", "User05" and "Domain Users" as members.

If newer Windows versions were used, or if running it on the target or a 3rd computer, the same settings could be used.


Job Type
User and Group Migration

Name and Description Page
Name: Local User and Group Migration

Source and Destination Page
Source computer: WIN2K8R2FS
Destination computer: WIN2K12R2

User and Group Migration Page
Specific accounts: The local groups "LGroup01", "LGroup02" and the local users "User01", "User02", "User03", "User04" and "User05".

Filter Page
User accounts: Enabled (Add/Update)
Local groups: Enabled (Add/Update)

Settings Page
Migrate user passwords: Enabled
Local group memberships: Enabled (Add/Remove)
Local group members: Enabled (Add/Remove)

This example video shows the migration of local users and groups. A next step could be the data migration.

Download Local User and Group Migration Video

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