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Infrastructure Inventory in Text Format

Scanning computers and Active Directory domains, collecting the resulting data and producing file based output.

In the video CopyRight2 is installed on a Windows server that is configured as a domain controller and file server.

The computer scan is setup to gather data in CSV text format. It will collect information about file shares, file share permissions, files, folders, NTFS permissions, file version information, disk volumes, installed applications, installed Windows components, installed device drivers, device driver version information, installed services, service version information.

Because the scanned computer is an Active Directory domain controller, a separate LDAP scan job is set up, collecting information about OUs, users, contacts, computers, groups and group memberships.

A "Scan Import" job is defined, collecting the information of the "Computer Scan" and the "LDAP Scan" jobs. This job, will collect the gathered information and in case of a text based scan, store them in the "Data" folder located below the CopyRight2 installation folder.


In this example, the jobs to gather infrastructure inventory information are setup on a domain controller. You could install the software on a 3rd computer as well. When the jobs are run, they will automatically deploy the inventory scan agent to the remote system for maximum performance. You could define a computer scan job, spanning multiple computers as well.

You could use a Microsoft SQL Server to store the collected data, instead of text based CSV output, allowing you to use Microsoft Reporting Services and the pre-defined reports (more than 50) and ad-hoc queries by using the Microsoft Query Designer.

The CopyRight2 inventory agents supports and is certified for Windows versions 2000 up to Windows 2019.


Download Infrastructure Inventory in Text Format Video

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