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File Server Migration Rollout Planning


This video demonstrates CopyRight2's rollout planning feature intended to accelerate the rollout process of larger scale file server or NAS migration projects.

It uses a template based approach to cover different system configurations. It supports Windows® 2003 up to Windows® 2019, Windows® cluster services and NAS Storage solutions such as NetApp®, Hitachi®, EMC®, TrueNAS®, ReadyNAS® and Linux Samba as source and target systems.

CopyRight2 can migrate file servers withtin the same or across Active Directory domain boundaries.


In this example video, there are 23 source Windows® 2008 R2 and 23 Windows® 2016 target servers. There is no limit to the amount of systems you can migrate with the rollout planning feature. A single "Data Migration" job is used as a template for all 23 sites, because all 23 systems have an identical configuration/partitioning.

CopyRight2 is run on a central console, from where the software is automatically deployed to the remote sites. An Excel sheet in CSV format is used as input to the process, controlling source & target, where the software is run and the point in time when the cut-over should occur.

The rollout is planned to begin slowly with 1 site, then another 1, then 2, followed by 5 and then 14 for the final round. The CopyRight2 GUI allows to centrally monitor the progress of all processes and check for any errors that occured.

It is possible to connect to the central console from multiple workstations or over RDP to split the workload across multiple team members.


This video does not cover the settings of "Data Migration" jobs used as a template. For more information about those settings, please check the other videos published in our video section of this web site (or on YouTube).


Download File Server Migration Rollout Planning Video

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