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Boot Environment Migration


This video demonstrates how to use CopyRight2 to create a bootable replica of a running Windows® server, configured as domain controller, on another computer including operating system, applications and any settings. It can also be used for physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to physical (V2P) migrations.


The source "WIN2K8R2" and the target "WIN2K8R2FS" are running Windows® 2008 R2. The source server is a domain controller of the "DomainA.Com"domain and the recovery OS running on the target is configured for workgroup mode. The target system has an additional disk drive D: , that will receive a bootable copy of the source systems C: drive.

The copy is created over a low bandwidth and high latency WAN connection using CopyRight2's unique block transfer mode.


Job Type
Data Migration

Name and Description Page
Name: DC Backup

Source and Destination Page

Source Destination
\\WIN2K8R2\C$ \\WIN2K8R2FS\D$

Synchronization: Add/Update/Delete
Reparse points (Outside): Copy
Reparse points (Inside): Copy
Use "Volume Shadow Copy" to copy locked files: Enabled
Copy NTFS hard links: Enabled

Block transfer mode: Enabled

Boot Environment Page
Update BCD with new signature(s): Enabled
Add copied OS to recovery OS's boot menu: Enabled


The settings used, are optimized for creating a server replica over a WAN connection. In a LAN environment, you could disable the "Block Transfer Mode".


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