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CopyRight2 File-Server and Domain Migration Solution / Video Presentations


We have created the following presentations of Sys-Manage CopyRight2 and Sys-Manage CopyRight2 Reporting Edition. The videos are in MP4 format. You can watch the presentation within your favorite media player The videos use onscreen notes during the demonstration to explain the steps being taken, there is no audio.


Videos about Sys-Manage CopyRight2

CopyRight2 Installation  

Installing Sys-Manage CopyRight2

  Running Time
2 Minutes
This short video shows you how easy it is to install CopyRight2 onto a computer, in this case a Microsoft Windows® 2016 file server.
File Server Migration  

Running a migration

  Running Time
22 Minutes
In this video we showcase how easy it is to migrate files, folders, NTFS permissions, file shares, share level permissions and local groups including members from one Windows® 2008 R2 to another Windows® 2012 R2 member file server in the same domain.
Videos about the Sys-Manage CopyRight2 PasswordSync Addon


Installation of the CopyRight2 PasswordSync AddOn

  Running Time
2 Minutes
In this video we show you how to install the optional PasswordSync Addon in order to extend CopyRight2's migration of user accounts to passwords.

Videos about the CopyRight2 InfraStructure Reporting Features

Scanning Computers and AD producing file based output

  Running Time
12 Minutes
Scanning a computer and an Active Directory collecting the data and producing file based output...

Scanning Computers & AD feeding a SQL Server database

  Running Time
8 Minutes
This video showcases scanning computers and an Active Directory dynamically producing a MS SQL Server database.

Using CopyRight2 together with MS Reporting Services

  Running Time
7 Minutes
In this video you can see CopyRight2's reporting model in conjunction with Microsoft's Reporting Services.

Building Custom Reports with MS Report Builder

  Running Time
5 Minutes
This video shows how easy it is to build custom reports using CopyRight2's preinstalled Reporting Server data model.


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